I have been collected to this page the best (by my opinion) tutorials, tips & tricks and resources about black & white photography. So, if you are interested about monochrome photography, this might be the right place to start.


A Comprehensive Introduction to Black and White Photography
This comprehensive introduction to black and white photography covers all the basics (and some more) that you need to create compelling B&W images.

Complete Guide to Black and White Photography
All you need to know to make your first steps…

How to Edit Black and White Photography in Photoshop
Black and white photography continues to be popular in an age where almost all digital cameras shoot colour images. And when it comes to B&W, it’s as much about taking the photo as it is about knowing how to edit black and white photography.


How To Make BLACK and WHITE Photos In Photoshop – Two Easy Conversion Techniques
Converting a color image into a good Black and white photo can be trickier than you think. You cannot expect fantastic results by simply removing the color from a photograph. Desaturating the colors without adjusting them can make your image feel flat and dull. You need control over how each color is represented in grayscale to create better tonality and contrast. This tutorial will teach you two methods that give you excellent control over how the final black and white image looks. You’ll be able to quickly convert a color image into a beautiful black and white photo.

Converting Color Images to B&W – GIMP


18 Essential Free Photoshop Tutorials for Black and White Photography Lovers
Black and white can add drama and emotion to many different kinds of photographs. There are however, many different ways to convert your digital images to black and white and an almost limitless amount of effects that you can apply after that. Here are some of the best Photoshop tutorials for black and white lovers.

Black and White – Online Courses, Classes, Training, Tutorials …
Find exactly what you want to learn from how-to videos about Black and White, taught by industry experts.